About Lindsey

My name is Lindsey, and while I go by many aliases and variations throughout both my professional and personal life, I’m most commonly known as simply ‘L’.

My typical M-F lifestyle is an intricate balance of working full time in the design industry and being the mom and wife that my loved ones [Husband, twin toddlers, & three Chihuahuas, to be exact] deserve.

I’m a self-proclaimed ‘Alt-Mom’. Sure, I bought a house on a cul-de-sac, ditched my two door 6-speed for an SUV, and have religious pilgrimages to to Starbucks in yoga pants, but I’m also still getting bruised up in mosh pits, hitting up comic and video game conventions, and dying my hair whatever fucking color I feel like.

As a contributor to Alles Mommy, this is my space to both rebel and relate.


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