Because you’re worth it!

I would like to preface that I am writing this entry on a Monday night — the very Monday night on the eve of the launch of this blog. I have caught myself holding my breath several times today, along with chugging coffee, swearing profusely, and generally becoming frustrated with everything and everyone in my general area. It’s times like this where the need to include a ‘Treat Yourself’ section on the blog really presented itself as a crucial addition.

The idea of ‘treating’ oneself is often presented as an act that involves spending ridiculous amounts of money or simply purchasing something totally unnecessary and materialistic, but simply put, treating yourself can be as easy as taking some time to do whatever the fuck you what.

And let’s be honest — moms are often so guilty of not taking enough time to do whatever the fuck they want!

Want to know what the fuck I want? I want a bath. I want wine. I want the water to sparkle and change colors and smell like candy. I want to Instagram and Snapchat the shit out of my phone without feeling guilty for pushing off a project or deadline. I want the water to be so bright and colorful that I can’t see through it and start to judge my body. I want weird, spacey music, and I want to stare at my plants. Or read a book. Or a trashy gossip column. Or all of that, because in this edition of TYT, I’m going to make the time for it.

So let this first TYT — albeit a bit bumpy and angsty — serve as the first of many reminders that you need to take the time and effort for yourself to be your very best.




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