Interviews With Expats

Living abroad, people tend to hurl questions at you a mile a minute. Which is good, they are curious and want to learn. The problem is, my situation is completely different than someone who is let’s say- from Brazil. My experiences as an American abroad are coloured differently because of the glasses I’m wearing- being from the states.

I realised recently, that people are nosy AF. Which again, I love. I’m nosy AF too- tell me about your family, until you’re blue in the face. Want to play 20 questions? Perfect. But with being nosy, and other people being nosy, at some point it’s exhausting to be asked the same questions- over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

The Solution?

I’ve started a new series, called Interviews With Expats. I will be meeting with people from all kinds of backgrounds, religions, orientations, language skills, and nationalities. Long term expats, and short. Married and single, and everything in-between to give YOU- the reader, a well rounded view what it is like to be abroad and away from home.

As we type (speak? whatever) I’m working on my first interview with a woman from Brazil, so get ready to read some good content!

And if there is any question you’ve ever wanted to ask an expat- just comment it below and we can begin a conversation & it might even be added to future interviews!

xxxx MacKenzie


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