What’s in my purse: November Edition

As we get to know each other, I thought it would be fun to do a what’s ‘in my purse’ segment — aka, my current obsessions that go everywhere I do.

As always, let’s start with my makeup bag! I’m always searching for ways to minimize time without compromising aesthetic. I recently got back into pencil liners, and truly — is there a better liner than from Urban Decay? I have tried A LOT of liners over the years, and while it always excites me to try something new, I always find myself going back to their cult collection. My universal go-to is their 24/7 Glide-On Eye pencil in Perversion. This is probably the blackest of all black liners, is super matte, and it glides on to such dreamy perfection! I’ve been too lazy [and cheap] lately to re-stock on liquid liner, but I’ve been totally okay with smudging and smoking the shit out of this stuff to create 90’s grunge eyes for days [as seen in my photos below]. It’s as quick or as complex as I want to make it, and I love that kind of freedom.


While we’re discussing eyes, I am a recent inductee to the four-eyes club. For years, I had a prescription to help alleviate eye-strain that comes with designing on a computer for 40+ hrs a week, but after getting constant headaches, I knew I needed something a little more. ‘4-years ago Lindsey’ would have picked up some Versace or Gwen Stefani frames and not thought twice about it, but ‘Lindsey with kids and a mortgage’ has a slightly different opinion on 300$ frames. I have been hearing about online frame/prescription places for years, and now I finally had a reason to investigate. I went with EyeBuyDirect.com, and basically used the measurements and styles I had tried on at the office to be my guide for buying, along with a digital ‘try them on’ feature the site offers. Yes, this is kind of a pain and ultimately a crap shot, but a pair of fashionable, nice frames for less than 100$ and free shipping is hard to pass up! I ended up taking advantage of a BOGO offer, so I even have options, now. For two totally tricked-out frames [and by tricked-out, I mean I got a special coating for screen-viewing protection along with anti-glare], I think I spent a total of $130. Less than a pair of frames from the office! The only drawback is, unless you want to pay for better shipping, you can wait for up to 2weeks. I braved it because my cheapness outweighed my headaches.

I am also a sucker for beanies. As soon as it gets even kind-of chilly outside, you’ll see me sporting one. Love Your Melon not only carries some of the best beanies I’ve ever owned, but they also donate 50% of your purchase along with kid-size versions of their awesome beanies to children battling cancer. How can you NOT support their business with such a win/win situation?! I don’t go anywhere without a beanie in the autumn/winter months, and I can easily see myself owning a sizable collection after this season! Special note for vegans — they now offer faux leather patch versions!





I absolutely love pumpkin seeds all year around, but I especially crave them during this time of year. I love to roast seeds from pumpkin carving, but staying true to what’s in my purse, I can’t get enough of the Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt Kind bars. It’s the perfect sized treat — not to mention, the perfect amount of sweet and sustained energy for this on the go momma.

source: kindsnacks.com


I have always loved video games, but I have not always had a full time job, kids, and chores! For over the past decade, I have defaulted mostly to Nintendo’s handhelds for a majority of my gaming fix. This year, they came out with the Switch, which allows for both TV and handheld play from anywhere. Super Mario Odyssey just came out, and as a life-long Mario fan, I’m on cloud nine!

That’s all I have for this edition. My favorite things change almost as often as the weather here in Cincinnati, and with the approaching holidays, I’ll have a lot of fun special edition things to obsess over, I’m sure.





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