What is in a Name?

And the (quick) story of how we be


Lindsey & I had an unexpected turn at beginning a blog together. Over a text conversation one day, I had briefly mentioned that I was starting an expat blog. She then told me she was working on her public Instagram, and what she wanted to accomplish with that.

About five minutes later, we were starting our blog together.



First we had to figure out what we wanted to do with our blog. Do we want to only appeal to parents? What about writing about our love of vegan food? Once we came to the conclusion that we wanted to be an all encompassing website, the name came easy

Alles Mommy

“Alles” is German for “everything.” And Mommy, is because that’s what we are. We’re moms, your day-to-day moms. We love coffee, childcare, wine and binge watching bad Netflix shows. By day we clean diapers, messy spills and try to get as many vegetables into these wild toddlers as possible.

But we are also more than moms, and that’s what we want to talk about here. So while our name may translate to “Everything Mommy” we also mean the parts of mom-hood that have nothing to do with our children.

So excited to be on this adventure with you all,

xxx MacKenzie



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