Interviews With Expats

Living abroad, people tend to hurl questions at you a mile a minute. Which is good, they are curious and want to learn. The problem is, my situation is completely different than someone who is let’s say- from Brazil. My experiences as an American abroad are coloured differently because of the glasses I’m wearing- being […]

Where Does An Expat Belong?

Can someone tell me? I would love the easy answer. For the last five years I’ve been an expat, and yet I can’t figure out where I belong. When I’m in Austria in my apartment that overlooks the skyline in Linz, I feel cozy. Warm, like this could be where we live for the rest […]

My First Thanksgiving Abroad

 Norway, I love you Even after all of these years, a large portion of my heart is in Norway. When I was sixteen, I was lucky enough to be accepted into Rotary International’s Youth Exchange Program. While my eyes were set on South America, after extensive int erviews, Norway was deemed to be my new […]

What I Buy In The States

  About once a year I travel back to the states, with half empty suitcases. Usually I have my handy-dandy list of things I want to take back home to Austria, but for the most part it’s been boiled down to a science. The things I bring back are either completely unavailable in Austria (or […]