Green Grizzly Sauce

Being plant based means giving up Greek yoghurt as a dip, (unless your area has soy alternatives) but doesn’t mean giving up on deliciousness. Recently I made black bean wraps, and wanted something to pep it up. The following dip recipe hit the spot. It also works great with roasted veggies, on a piece of […]

Toddler Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for little ones, as it gets them in a good mood and ready for the days’ adventures. Hopefully. If it’s a good morning. But sometimes us moms run out of ideas of healthy choices to make for breakfast. Something fast, easy and nutritious. Here is a […]

’tis the season!

I never really got back ‘in’ to Pumpkin Spice it after the whole ‘milk-gate’ deal with Starbucks’ PSL. Pumpkin Spice everything popped up and I kind of shrugged at all of it [though, I did buy a pack of the Oreo’s when they first debuted]. That being said, I have always loved pumpkin, and religiously […]

My 5 Favourite Vegan Snacks

When you choose to eat vegan, you’re doing a whole lot of good across the board. Unfortunately, we can run into some serious hunger pangs when we are out and about. And while the best option is to always have a piece of fruit or veg with you on the go, it doesn’t always happen […]