Green Grizzly Sauce

Being plant based means giving up Greek yoghurt as a dip, (unless your area has soy alternatives) but doesn’t mean giving up on deliciousness. Recently I made black bean wraps, and wanted something to pep it up. The following dip recipe hit the spot. It also works great with roasted veggies, on a piece of […]

Because you’re worth it!

I would like to preface that I am writing this entry on a Monday night — the very Monday night on the eve of the launch of this blog. I have caught myself holding my breath several times today, along with chugging coffee, swearing profusely, and generally becoming frustrated with everything and everyone in my […]

’tis the season!

I never really got back ‘in’ to Pumpkin Spice it after the whole ‘milk-gate’ deal with Starbucks’ PSL. Pumpkin Spice everything popped up and I kind of shrugged at all of it [though, I did buy a pack of the Oreo’s when they first debuted]. That being said, I have always loved pumpkin, and religiously […]

Roasted Chickpeas

What you need: 15oz can of chickpeas a spattering of olive oil salt seasoning of choice, examples: curry, garam masala, salt & pepper, rosemary & chipotle   The method: Pre-heat oven to 350F or 150/200C Separate aquafaba (liquid in can) from chickpeas & freeze for later usage Remove the “skin” on the chickpeas if you’re […]