penny & jude.

November 30th, 2017. My sweet, beautiful babies are now two-year olds, and as they are down for their nap, here I am with only my coffee and reflections on the past couple years. I have shared this story to those close to me, but today, I want to share it with you. It actually starts […]

A friendly PSA: Holiday Edition

In lieu of the approaching holidays, I suggested to my immediate family that we take advantage of all the ‘together time’ and get some professional shots. I mean, come on! 1) When loved ones get together, it should be documented somehow. 2) We have super expensive, professional photography equipment at our disposal [my husband owns […]

My First Thanksgiving Abroad

 Norway, I love you Even after all of these years, a large portion of my heart is in Norway. When I was sixteen, I was lucky enough to be accepted into Rotary International’s Youth Exchange Program. While my eyes were set on South America, after extensive int erviews, Norway was deemed to be my new […]